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Why are all services besides email being discontinued?

    • Because BasicISP has determined it’s no longer viable to maintain.

I can’t access webmail, what happened?

    • A recent shift to a new billing system is most likely the cause, contact our support team and they will help you get back online.

What are my options if I want to keep my email address after dial-up is discontinued?

    • You can either cancel with a short email response or opt to pay $5 a month.

How much does it cost to keep my email address, and how will I be billed?

    • The cost is $5 a month billed to a credit card attached to your account, we will ask for a new card if there were issues transferring to our new billing system.

Can I still use check payments for my membership?

    • Unfortunately our new billing system does not allow us to process check payments, we ask for a credit card if you would like to retain your membership.

Can I keep my email address without paying the monthly fee?

    • No, a monthly fee of $5 is required to keep your email address.

What happens if I choose not to keep my email address?

    • Your membership will be canceled, and the email will be deactivated.

How do I cancel my membership if I decide not to keep my email?

    • Simply respond to the email you received or leave a voicemail at our support line, stating your intention to cancel.

Will my email address remain the same if I choose to keep it?

    • Yes, your email address will remain unchanged.

How do I update my contact information associated with my account?

    • Contact our support team for assistance with updating your information.

Will my existing emails and contacts be transferred if I keep my email address?

    • Yes, your email address will be untouched, and all existing emails and contacts will remain.

Can I upgrade my membership to a different plan if I choose to keep my email?

    • No, the $5 per month plan is the only remaining option, but we can expand your inbox if you run into issues with it getting too full.

Are there any additional fees or hidden charges associated with keeping my email address?

    • No, there are no additional fees; it’s a flat $5 per month.

What happens if my payment method changes?

    • Contact our support team, and we will promptly update your payment information.

Can I access my email through different devices, such as smartphones or tablets?

    • Yes, you can access your email on various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Is technical support still available for email-related issues after dial-up is discontinued?

    • Yes, technical support for email-related issues will still be available for now.

How do I retrieve a forgotten password for my account?

    • Contact our support team for assistance with password retrieval.

Will there be any changes to my email security or privacy settings?

    • No, there won’t be any changes, but feel free to contact support if you encounter any issues.